Level 1 to 7 and an international class (total 8 classes)

Level 1 class is to encourage students to get familiar with Japanese language and it focused on learning Japanese through songs, games and craft activities. Level 2 introduces reading, writing Japanese by introducing Japanese textbooks (authorised by the Japanese Department of Education). Level 3 to 7 students study Japanese by using the textbooks suitable to their levels utilising a balanced development of listening, speaking, reading and writing. It is our aim to complete Year 6 textbook used in Japan at the final level7.

International Class (BOX Class)

For the international class, we have a special class called BOX Class. This class is designed to provide each student an environment where they are able to learn at their own pace, including preparation for HSC. Our qualified and experienced Japanese teacher explains grammer and vocaburary and cultuer, using both English and Japanese. Lessons cover all four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Activities include games, cultures, quiz and cooking in Japanese. Students' learning path is custom-made to all individual needs. It is currently a mixed-class from Year 8 to 12.