School Operation

The School Committee, consists of 7 volunteers selected every year, is in charge of managing the school. All parents co-operate to the committee to operate the school by participating in events and undertaking school duties throughout the year.
The school's income is generated from the school admission fee, annual fee, tuition fees, government subsidies as well as through fund raising activities. These incomes are critical to cover operating expenses such as teacher's fees, teaching materials and maintenance fees.

School Roster (Approximately twice per year)

Each week, a school committee member is in charge and two parents are rostered on to work as a pair. This pair will check the safety of classrooms, open and close blinds, install rubbish bags, take photocopies and drive teachers as required to the station. If you are unable to be a part of this roster system for a reason, there will be a charge of $70 per term.